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Every parent wants to give all the happiness to his or her children but autism is a big problem for some parents. Therefore, you do not need to worry about anything. We are here to solve your problem. Autism centers are working for many years in San Ramon, Oakland Hills, Castro Valley, Dublin, Union City and Bay area. We offer our different services in all these areas. We also offer in-home programs for your convenience. Just make a call and we will send our professionals to help you. Our priority to serve you with all the services so that your child can also enjoy a normal life like others.

 3 best services

Mental health services

We offer many services in autism centers to help our clients. Mental health services help you to develop mentally and psychologically through which you can take your decisions without any assistance. We also provide this service in your home for the betterment of your child mental health. We provide a form that parents need to fill for achieving our services.

We offer our best therapists, psychologists, speech pathologists and special education teachers for improving the mental health status. You must visit our services if you are passing through such a condition then you will realize that you are the right place.

Behavioral health services

Behavior is an action that reflects the feelings and emotions of a person. However, autism is that genetic disorder in which your child loses their ability to interact with society and have a lack of communication skills. Therefore, they always feel lonely and sad. To solve this problem, we are working for many years.

How can you improve behavioral health?

We provide our best services through our behavioral therapists and special education teachers. We also offer therapeutic training and psychological training services.  If you need this service then you can contact at any time we send our best therapists to your home. Our therapist first makes a plan of regular sessions according to your need and condition of the patient. We also provide service to families how you can develop better communication skills with children. Within a minimum time, patients become aware of how to interact with society and how you can build confidence levels through direct eye contact.

Physical health services

Autistic patients need to improve their physical activities along with mental problems. We provide our best physical therapist to help you in a difficult time. They also guide how to improve physical health. They also help you to refine motor skills through which you can make decisions without any assistance. They build confidence to live independently. An autism center not only helps you to cure the disease but also makes you an independent and confident person.


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