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Consider you are going somewhere and in the middle of nowhere, you noticed, that back windshield of your car is out of order at the center or from the edges. Why is this happening? There are various reasons behind this happening. Back windshield Grand Junction co is the superior platform to manage the crack’s problems.

Now just have a look at the reasons, which cause the breaking of the back windscreen.

  • Uneven pressure on the screen
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Non-even adhesive
  • Roadside debris

Consider someone is pressurizing the back windshield of the vehicle and that someone may be a wicked child of an adult. As the windscreen comprises tempered glass so it is possible, that due to uneven pressure on the screen can cause cracks.

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Extreme weather conditions

One major reason behind the cracks on the windscreen is the extreme weather conditions. Too much high temperature makes the surface stiff; this factor reduces the malleable characteristics of the tempered glass and due to contraction, cracks appear. The edges expand faster than the central glass body in extreme weather conditions, especially in the hot summer.

As time passes, the strength of the adhesive material decreases. This reduces the bond between the back windscreen and the vehicle body. In addition, due to shocks, the windscreen loses its sticking ability.




Debris and stones are one of the major causes of the cracks. Consider people are protesting on the road, you are passing by and someone through the stone at your car and the rare screen broke. There can be as many as possible reasons for the damaging of the car glass.

Grand Junction is committed to provide the best facilities. We have trained and experienced members and they have the ability to deal with any kind of car glassware problem.

There are two kinds of damages because of the broken windshield, chip and crack.


chip is due to the direct hit on the windscreen. The chip structure consists of a central hole and outgrowing small cracks. The seriousness of the incident can be measure considering the effect on the screen. As the windscreen structure is like a sandwich, there is one outer glass layer then a plastic layer and an inner glass layer. If only outer glass layer damages, it is repairable but if the damage is up to the inner layer, repairing is not favorable and if someone does repair in such severe case than consider that he/she is surely compromising the safety of all the passengers.


crack is generally due to the shock impacts and the crack structure grows along the length of the windscreen. A crack may vary from an inch to the whole length of the glass.

After visual inspection and deep analysis of cracks and chips, we finalize that either repairing is enough or replacement is the only option. To ensure this point Grand Junction work according to the National Windscreen Repair Association and it suggests that if the size of the crack is up to 14 inches and the chip is three inches wide repairing can be done but if these limits exceed replacement is the only option.