How To Wear A Bandana On Your Hair The Half Ponytail


The Half Ponytail.

First up, up the half. There are actually Do this one. Either move long with your bandana like previously (crossing it triangle style) so that the sides are long and flowy. Or beneath as you see the complete knot. By folding it hamburger style it’ll make it thicker and shorter on both sides. It is a good point to keep in mind while adding a bandana to a ponytail, although I think this just depends on your taste. There’s really two ways you can fold it! If you want to add some more messiness for your hair, you can even do a half knot. You can take a look at my best knot tutorial here  bandana neck scarf.


The Way to Wear A Bandana In Your Hair – The Messy Top Knotbandana neck scarf


The Messy Top Knot.


Oh the knot that is messy. Who doesn’t like this one? This is a Option for hair that is dirty you don’t want to take care of. Throw it up in a big knot that is messy and put in in your bandana. I really like this fun retro texture. It creates like you tried far harder than you did and hair feel fresh. It’s also a great pop of color to our regular bun that tends to become a day favorite.

PS attempt some of my favorite shampoos that are dry !

How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair – The Headband


The Headband.


I’ll be truthful, this look is SO not me. It is such a sweet Look, but it. I still wanted to share it with you because I think it’s a fun way. This is truly such a retro appearance with the knot into the side ever so slightly. You may leave it as just a headband and place the knot below at the nape of your neck so that you don’t see it. Or tie it at the side or top. I really enjoy the little knot revealing to get a texture.


The Way to Wear A Bandana On Your Hair The Low Loop


The Low Loop.


I love this one and sometimes often forget to rock a non messy bun. Simply pull your own hair and if you pull it 2 or 3 times round, on the one pull on it until your endings are nearly through for the perfect loop. You can also do a large bun that is messy, but I thought this was a more version that easy to dress up. Tie a bandana around the hairtie (either long manners or brief ways) to get the appearance.


I have had a passion for scarves since I could remember. When I was younger that I remember and we used to go to my grandparents house in Virginia Going to the room where my grandma had her old photos all stored. She Had a box with hundreds of old photographs of my mother if she was younger (legit so beautiful!) And she always had some type of scarf tied up in her own hair. I have Always thought they were beautiful and womanly. A few years ago, my mother Gave me a collection of a few of her favorites and I have had so much fun playing With various approaches. I think there is a scarf such a slick and timeless Touch to add to any ensemble. One of my favorite things is cut offs and a Tee using a scarf in my hair, it is the ideal way. I always get a ton of questions about how I use them, whenever I wear scarves, How I roll them, etc.. So I thought it would be interesting to put together a listing of my own Six ways to utilize this seasons cutest trend! Once you Learn How to roll the Scarf both of these ways, the options are endless! Here is some inspo of my Favorite manners!