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Henderson landscape design facility is providing best facilities regarding land beautification. We offer you suitable options for your property. Landscaping Henderson NV is the largest facility in the area and you can rid of your problem with our solutions. We can lead you towards the most suitable option for your home. The options that will give perfect look to your property.



Landscaping is to change the look of your lawn, backyard and walkways with different techniques. Fewer folks have a proper sense of landscaping. Landscaping is being carried out for a long time. If you have money and place, we can surely change the look of your house. Landscaping has various prospects. We can change your rough, irregular pathway into gorgeous, stiff and perfect geometry. Pavers can provide perfect pathways for your cars and backyard for walking.

We can surely serve you with various facilities and some of them are:


  1. Holding or Retaining Walls 
  2. Positive Irrigation System 
  3. BBQ Spot
  4. Pavers
  5. Fire Pits
  6. Artificial Turf


Retaining walls

The main purpose of holding or retaining wall is to hole the soil at particular levels. It is like a boundary. Retaining wall enhances the beauty of the surroundings. If there is free space around your home, we can build retaining walls to have a beautiful small lawn. We can build retaining walls on the ground level and above the ground level. To continue the progressive growth of your home, retaining walls are necessary because these walls separate the working land from planted land. A perfect retaining wall has a solid base, better drainage and compacted base material. The final look of the walls will be amazing. One can plant desirable plants and trees within the area of the retaining wall. We can build beautiful textures of the stones that everyone will be shocked.

Landscaping henderson nv

Materials for retaining wall

We can build retaining walls with any of the following material bricks, concrete, limestone and fieldstone etc. No matter what material of construction you choose, we will be comfortable with any kind of material and will complete the construction is minimal time.

The main reason to have retaining walls is to provide seam proof and non-slippery geometry for soil.



Landscape classification

There are two classes of landscaping hardscape and softscape.


  • Hardscape

Hardscape is an important non-living part of the landscaping. It includes stonewalls, wood arbor and bricks patio. It includes all the materials, which are necessary for landscape construction. Without it, landscaping is not possible. Hardscape material provides strength to the landscape structure and structure lasts for decades.

  • Softscape

Softscape includes the living species i.e. flowers, trees, shrubs and growing stuff. Such materials are important for the beauty and magnificence of the place. It there is a retaining wall boundary but there are no different plants, then overall are will be considered as the dull and wastage of money. Plants enhance the attractiveness of the place.


Therefore, we do proper landscaping regarding your request and we offer you the best solutions if you are new in this field.