Effects of consumptions of sleep supplements

When you intake prescription sleep supplements, you might feel like it is the perfect cure for your sleep disorder. Just take a pill and experience a restful sleep for a long time. Even though it works quite surprisingly, it has its own side effects and significant risks which many people are not aware of or refuse to take notice.

You are quick to build up Tolerance

When you keep taking your sleeping pills on a regular basis, your body then becomes customary to the drug. You will need a heavier and heavier dose to get the same amount of sleep effect. But in case you start taking a higher dose, you will end up facing breathing problems in your sleep and ultimately cause death. To avoid this, don’t take sleeping pills for a period prolonged than a week or two.

Erratic behavior

It is commonly known that people act strangely while they are sleeping, but the side effect of sleep supplements are different. It can cause you to sleepwalk or even amnesia. You’ll not know where you are when you walk up. If you notice any unusual activity in your sleep or the people around you, stop in taking the pill and report to your doctor.

Falling down

This side effect is usually found in aged people. When your entire body is balanced just in two feet, and the effect of the drug us still not wore off, it will definitely be difficult to measure the center of gravity. It happens the intake is excessive.

Drowsy Driving

Researchers have also found out that certain drugs do not wear off even after hours of sleep and interrupt your morning activities such as driving. Avoid using such pills without the dosing instruction of your doctor so that you don’t face accidents due to drowsy.

Cancer and Death

The drug certainly has many negative effects under excessive use. Pills would make you dependents on them when you get addicted to a drug you not only face physical harm but also experience emotional instability which can lead to the most nightmarish result of cancer and death due to mere sleeping pills.

There are many other negative effects of sleeping pills on your emotional-self includes:

  • Getting craves for sleeping medications
  • Going to multiple doctors for the prescription
  • Can experience memory loss due to heavy intakes
  • To have several unsuccessful attempts to quit
  • Continue taking the pills even after negative consequences

Other effects are dreamless sleep, ligh the adedness, dizziness, lack of coordination, and hallucinations. Getting hands on sleeping is not a very difficult task. High school students also use these pills just to have fun. Once you start taking sleep supplements, it gets harder to stop after each intake, especially when you have been taking them on a regular basis. You basically worsen your sleeping problems rather than improving it in a better. Might seem rough when taking off the habit, but eventually, your body will get used to it.