Best dedicated server hosting — compare the top nine providers

So we have covered GoDaddy’s strategies, and what you get for your money. Nevertheless, the question is: how do GoDaddy’s prices stack up against its competitors?

Provider Shared WordPress VPS Committed

HostGator $3.92 — $5.95 $5.95 — $9.95 $29.95 — $49.95 $118.99 — $149.00

As you can see, GoDaddy sits somewhere in the middle when it concerns the promotional prices of its own plans. It normally offers up the second plan that is cheapest for each form of hosting, finding itself pipped by Bluehost.

It’s worth noting, however, that gridhost mail does not provide as gridhost mail discounted promotional costs as rivals. Their renewal prices look a lot more aggressive:

Renewal Cost Comparison

Provider Shared WordPress VPS Committed

  1. GoDaddy $7.99 — $24.95 $9.99 — $24.99 $29.99 — $74.99 $169.99 — $349.99
  2. InMotion $7.99 — $24.99 $8.99 — $142.99 $39.99 — $144.99 $189.99 — $589.99
  3. Bluehost $7.99 — $23.99 $7.99 — $14.99 $29.99 — $119.99 $119.99 — $209.99

As you can see, the renewal speeds result in a more level playing field in regards to pricing. While Bluehost nevertheless gives the fundamental WordPress and dedicated hosting plans, lowest is come out by the GoDaddy VPS program.

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Other GoDaddy Costs to Consider

When it comes to keeping your website online, the cost of hosting is really only half the story.

That’s where GoDaddy really comes into its own. Its hosting plans might not excel in any one area, but the capability to tack extra virus protection, backups, along with safety can allow it to be a really appealing choice. It’s much more easy — not to mention worth — to keep these things under one roof: SSL Certificates

Cost: $63.99/year — $295.99annually free with some hosting plans

An SSL certificate is essential for any credible website, giving you that all-important padlock next to your website’s URL. With no users will be warned that your site is’Not Secure’, which is not exactly the look that is ideal! On top of that, if you want to accept credit card payments, an SSL certification is critical for keeping customer information safe

GoDaddy provides SSL certificates starting at $63.99/year for a single site, rising to $295.99/year for multiple websites and subdomains.

A lot of its higher grade hosting plans also have a free SSL certificate included as standard for the first term, so that’s worth looking out for.

  1. Website Security Packages

Cost: $5.59/month — $23.99/month

With prices starting at just $5.59/month, GoDaddy’s security packages are a no-brainer. Together with the lowest priced’Essential’ strategy, you get a 12-hour response time to any problems, unlimited malware removal, and Google blacklist tracking and removal. The more pricey the strategy, the more extras you’ll have included.

The best response time with a GoDaddy net security package is six hours. Bump yourself to the peak of the list with’Express Malware Removal’, which guarantees you’ll speak to a safety expert within half an hour of an issue. At $299.99annually, it’s a pricey add-on — except for bigger companies, it is well worth every cent.

  1. Website Backup Packages

Cost: $2.99/month — $12.99/month

Smart people back up their websites — but the cleverest people get someone else to do it for them.

Both the’Critical’ and’Ultimate’ backup programs incorporate automatic daily backups, easy uncomplicated restore, and specialist 24/7 customer support, among other benefits. The difference between the two programs is 5GB with the Essential plan the amount of storage accessible, also 100GB with the greatest plan.

GoDaddy Hosting Cost: Conclusion

So now that we have walked through the cost of GoDaddy’s various hosting plans, and noticed how it stacks up against opponents, what’s the last verdict?

GoDaddy isn’t necessarily the supplier you come to for the cheapest price. It the least expensive provider Though its pricing is rather aggressive, particularly when you look past the first promotional rates.

How much does GoDaddy cost: recap

Business hosting — $19.99-59.99/month

Within the five hosting categories that GoDaddy offers, plan prices clearly have a lot of range. Services and the qualities contained in each plan are also distinct, and also span a variety of needs.

Thus, who must look at hosting through GoDaddy?

GoDaddy’s selling point over other providers is the range of extra features and packages it’s possible to get along with your hosting strategy to maintain your site healthful and protected. It’s simple, and it is convenient — and ultimately, that is well worth paying a few bucks here and there.


  1. How much can GoDaddy hosting price each year?

It depends! If you are just after a simple shared hosting plan, you can pay as little as $2.99/month. If you are after a dedicated hosting plan, you are looking at between $89.99/month and $179.99/month.

  1. Does GoDaddy bill monthly or annual?

You are able to pay for your GoDaddy hosting monthly or annually. In reality, you are able to pay up to five years in advance! Keep in mind that the longer you commit, the more you’ll save.

  1. Is it effortless to move your site to GoDaddy?

Yep, it’s super simple. In case you have your website files that are existing then simply upload them or via an FTP client. Just request them, if you don’t have these files yet. GoDaddy’s 24/7 support team is on hand to help at any point.