Hands & Hearts Home Care Service

We at Hands and Hearts Home Care Service are the best in West Columbia. We not only consider your loved ones our own but along with this we take care of them like you would, We are not only a compassionate, professional team but we aim to preserve the dignity and respect of your loved ones.

Our services:

We take off the little details and make sure that we fulfill them not only for us but for your loved ones because if you know our not when people get old, they want someone by their side 24/7.

  • Companionship:

When people get old, they need a companion by their side to take care of their needs, talking to them, sharing sweet and bitter memories of the past with them, taking to dinners i.e. to neighbors their kid’s houses, writing letters to loved ones, etc. Keep an elderly person busy and he won’t realize that he is old and weak.

Daily Routine & Grooming Care:

Our professional caregivers will look up to your every need i.e. we will help with the morning routines like waking you up, giving you a bath, shaving, breakfast, dressing you up so, that you get ready for the day ahead of you. In the evening we will change your clothes, will help you brush your teeth, and then tuck you in for a restful night sleep.

Meal Preparation:

Our caregivers will help work with your nutritionist to formulate the best meal plan for you so that you can stay healthy and fit. Secondly, we can also help you take grocery shopping and also, we’ll check the dates on the food i.e. we make sure that it is either consumed or disposed off before it goes bad, one other thing that we’ll help you with is the cleanliness of the house and whether you admit or not it matters a lot.

Relief Care:

Don’t you worry a bit we are here to help you with anything you want? If you want to take a break or you want few hours for yourself or if you want a sound sleep at night then call us, we here at Hands and Hearts Home Care will make everything easy for you.


Our caretakers know everything at their disposal i.e. they are not only the best house cleaners but they can also wash, fold, and put away your laundry sheets. Our care-takers make beds and regularly change linens for you. They can also assist with ironing clothes if you want.

Running Errands:

We can help you all your chores and your work i.e. either it is for picking up the grocery or medicine from the shop or birthday cards and gifts for your loved ones.

Housekeeping Services:

We not only help you do all the chores and works but we’ll look after and maintain your house and along with this water the flowers and plants and will do dusting as well. Our care-takers don’t mind doing this stuff at all, they do this out of respect for the elders and from the depth of their hearts.