How to invest In Stocks Safely to Make Profits

Over the past decades investing in stock has been one of the effective ways to build wealth over some time. It has been proven as most of the members in the Forbes list, especially in American, got there by buying a large amount of stake of shares in a private and public company. Here is how to invest in the stock market.


Ways to Invest in the stock market

  • One can invest through a 401k plan.
  • Invest through the SEP-IRA account or the traditional IRA.
  • You can invest through a brokerage account.
  • Finally, invest directly through a stock purchase plan or a dividend reinvestment plan.


Type of asset you might invest in

There are five types of assets an average investor and spend in and own in their lifetime, whether you choose to invest directly or through a pooled structure like a mutual fund, hedge fund, or even an index fund. The assets include:

  • The common stock
  • Bonds
  • The preferred stock
  • Real estate investment trust
  • Money market

Fundamental research to do when investing in the stock

When doing a study on investment, there are typically five critical documents one should have In hand to analyze the necessary merit of a potential type of stock. These documents include:

  • The form 10-K- very important as is the filling with the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Form 10-Q – this is the quarterly version of Form 10-K.
  • The proxy statement
  • The annual report
  • Finally, the statistical report dating back five to ten years
  • The financial statement

Before you buy a particular stake in a company by investing in a stock Minesh Bhindi. You must examine and look at three financial statements very carefully. They include:

  • The income statement
  • The cash flow statement
  • The balance sheet

The three financial statements all work hand in hand with each other.