Today, the iphone 7 pret is no longer considered as a simple accessory but as a real extension of the hand. An essential everyday object, it is used not only for making calls, but also for surfing the internet, taking photos and staying connected with loved ones. The only problem ? It is more and more expensive! Fortunately, the iPhone credit will allow you to finance this precious and essential asset.

The smartphone: the essential everyday object

The smartphone is the most common digital device in homes and one of the main reasons for taking out revolving credit . Today, almost 80% of French people aged 18 to 75 have it! It must be said that this small object has everything an essential. Ideal for facilitating human exchanges, it keeps a certain presence during our absences. It is also a powerful technical object which, depending on needs, can be transformed into a search engine, GPS, camcorder or camera.

Another reason why the smartphone is becoming more and more essential: it turns, at home, into a real remote control for connected objects. In short, an object that we use every day, even every hour!

iphone 7 pret

Ever more efficient and more expensive smartphones

Unsurprisingly, the continuous arrival of new features is driving up prices. We are therefore left with cutting-edge objects, some of which can reach the price of a full salary but which, fortunately, can be financed with an iPhone credit . Among the latest innovations, we find among other things more and more autonomous batteries, ever more resistant shells, screens with improved sensitivity, better resolution … And many other things that quickly make the old obsolete smartphones.

Be at the forefront with iPhone funding

Depending on the brand of smartphone you want to buy, prices can quickly vary from single to double. While the Sony Xperia XZ2 can be found at less than € 600, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is closer to € 700. But if, like many others, you want to buy an iPhone, it will cost you between 900 and 1,000 € for the famous iphone 7 64 GB.

If you have enough available on your Transfer + revolving credit, you can apply for revolving credit to buy the phone of your dreams .

How much does (actually) cost an iPhone 7?

Since 2007 and the very first iPhone, the smartphone is for the apple brand. Enough to ensure, with its other products, a market capitalization exceeding $ 600 billion.

If the iPhone 7, unveiled Wednesday September 7, and marketed from Friday 9, did not excite the crowds due to its lack of novelty, nor Wall Street for that matter, American mobile operators have assured that the pre-orders of the Apple’s latest were nearly four times that of the iPhone 6s when it was released in September 2015. A smartphone that is still worth $ 649 in the United States, in its version with 32GB of memory.