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I have been working as a personal trainer in Livermore for many years. I am a trainer and a qualified trainer. I can provide you with the best personal training and diet plans. For proper and maintained body both diet and exercise are important. For Livermore gyms service, you can approach me through social media or you can call me. Please feel free to contact anytime.

Livermore Gyms

Way of working

Money is not everything regarding business. Devotion, motivation and trust matters. I provide my training with my best and for that; firstly I do my work on my client’s physique. In order to get a dream body, I can guide you with my skills and by following my skills and training; you will surely achieve your goals.


I guide people about their diet, nutrition plans and health. I train folks over social media and if you follow my diet plans and exercise, you can definitely get the physique of your choice. It is my duty to alter your body shape for better results. There are two types of body physique, one is bulky and other is a slim body. If you feel that, your weight is not according to your age you can hire me as your personal trainer. With proper diet and exercise, I will help you to develop a mature muscular body with minimum unsaturated fat. During such workout, attention is the key to success. Let me just tell you a simple rule that why there is a need for a personal trainer. If you join the gym, you do work out, and there is nobody to motivate you about your health you will certainly lose hope with time and a time will come when you will start ignoring your health and work out. A personal trainer is the blessing of God, he/she motivates you, train you, provide you with beneficial diet plans and a time comes when you achieve your goal regarding your health.


Some people love to gain weight. To get a bulky physique diet is as important as the gym. For mature muscles, diet is as important as work out. I also provide my clients with proper diet plan i.e. the specific quantity of red meat before the gym, use of protein shakes etc. In order to gain weight and muscles, there is hardcore work out and as I am a qualified trainer, I will help you do exercise set wise. There will be a rotation of exercise set weekly.


Responsibilities of a trainer

Firstly, as health is important, there will be emergency first aid if necessary. Because it might be possible, that new client does not know the proper working principles. Therefore, if there is any injury to my client, I will provide immediate help if necessary.


I will acknowledge you will my training skills and general fitness resources. I have seen many people who invest a lot on their health but at the end of the day, they gain nothing essential.