Marketing applied to the real estate sector: The best techniques and Offline and Online Actions + A real estate marketing book

According to experts, applied marketing is the concrete adaptation of certain marketing techniques to a business sector. In the case of real estate marketing applied to this sector, it represents a set of specific techniques designed for this group.

As marketing experts at ICHS Town Islamabad we want to collect all those techniques and actions that make up the marketing applied to the real estate sector, both in the offline and online world.

The best marketing actions applied to the real estate sector

Offline marketing actions applied to the real estate sector

If your company is newly created, you will have started making your first steps with the sales department dealing in only house for sale in Islamabad. Perhaps you have attended an event, you have made a few brochures and worked word of mouth.

Actually, offline marketing on a small scale does not cease to be effective, but if what you want is to start off on a good footing, you can start actions like these:

·         Sponsor a meeting between professionals of the sector

In recent years, collaboration between real estate professionals is one of the keys to the success of a real estate business, so making yourself known among your peers will be a great help.

·         Invest in a good company presentation

Our business is based on trust, so a presentation that tells your story, presenting your values ​​in a unique way, can give you a good push. In this article we tell you how to make a good real estate dossier .

·         Get a list of properties as personal as possible

For local businesses, with great competition, it is necessary to bet on innovative ideas, such as the one we saw a few months ago from Real State Rye, of how to create an  original property file .

·         Hire local advertising media

Another technique of real estate marketing that is still valid in our sector, especially among the sectors of the elderly population, is the hiring of advertising spaces for real estate in local media. Do not lose sight of this idea!

Online marketing actions applied to the real estate sector

·         Create a web page for your real estate

Our first online real estate marketing action applied to the sector is that you start it. Without a consistent online presence, which begins in a  web design for real estate agencies that is well optimized for search engines and adapted to mobile phones, you have little to do in the online world.

·         Create a company newsletter

The inbox is still the place where many of the marketing battles are fought. Not surprisingly, email marketing for real estate continues to have a 300% return on investment. Do not forget!

·         Start building an online presence through social networks

Customers will go looking for you there and the only online presence that cannot be fixed is nonexistent. You can start with LinkedIn, but without a doubt our favorite is Facebook. For more information click here

·         Create advertising campaigns with Google AdWords

It is one of the most effective and fastest ways to bring traffic to your website. In addition, you can decide the type of target you want to target and when you want your ads to show.

·         Start a blog

As we have commented on other occasions, advertising has short legs, mainly due to its intrusion. However, the contents are increasingly revealed as the most effective way to establish relationships of trust with your customers, answering questions and entertaining.

Real estate marketing book in pdf

If you want to learn the best method to capture real estate exclusively, we recommend that you read this real estate marketing book applied to the sector in pdf or paper. There are many books in real estate but this tells you how to capture them effectively. You can get it through the Amazon store .