Mini Real Estate Course: “How to Sell Real Estate”

To know how to sell real estate or to list property for sale you must first learn how customers behave in a situation of buying and selling a product of high price and high social prestige.

Before buying a property, it is logical that the client does NOT know what he wants ; But know what you don’t want. It is generally clear about the area of ​​the city in which you want to live and the budget you have. What is not clear is what kind of house or property you want. For that it is necessary to go out and visit properties for sale.

For this reason some inexperienced agents are surprised that the client calls them to find out about a particular home and visit several to finish buying the first one they visited.

Why so much visit? Because the client needs to compare the characteristics and benefits of the properties he has visited, in order to choose later . You need this “comparison” to justify yourself that you are making the right decision.

There are real estate agents who, deep down in their hearts, want the client to come see the property and decide to buy it quickly. They interpret their questions as signs of purchase and do not realize that the client needs to compare real estate in order to make a decision. They have studied these closing techniques in the sale and want to put them into practice, without realizing that the sale would be immobilized in a “process”.

Real estate agents who merely inform, to show the property without knowing how to argue its benefits and advantages. They are the agents that do not know how to keep the client interested in their real estate service, in “if I don’t have what you are looking for, I will find it”. Luckily, less and less of these remain.

The worst thing about this case is that the realtor, q ue should have sold your real estate service – building trust and credibility –  rather than focus on selling the property) , the perception takes this prospect is a complicated person because He doesn’t know what he wanted.

Starting with the premise of believing that the client knows what he wants, when he contacts you to find out about one of his properties, he shows that the real estate agent has much to learn about how to sell real estate.

How to Sell Real Estate: Manage the 1st Call.

The first contact that is maintained with a potential client is essential and must be well planned. Did you know that many real estate agents lose more than 50% of their clients in the 1st contact? Let’s see why.

The main reason why customers are lost in the 1st contact is improvisation . Because you don’t work with a script to manage incoming calls.

This leads to real estate agents sound all the same and always use the same words and grammatical forms. They answer what they should not and do not know how to ask questions so that they are not perceived as aggressive. Some do not even ask the right questions; let’s not say use in the right tone of voice.

I have students who have changed the way they answer the phone,   (with one or more scripts they have memorized), has increased their sales. Just improving your way of receiving a call!

Did you know that the best way to get your client to visit the property for which they request information is to provide little information by phone when they call you? Counterproductive? It is not if you understand how telemarketing works and use the appropriate script.

Did you know that the 4 words that most influence when getting the customer who calls you on the phone do what you want are:  1.-  Good morning / good afternoon; 2.- thank you ;; 3.- please and 4.- the name of the client ? If you know how to use these words in the right tone at the right time, you will sound completely different from the rest of the agents. And you can do it in less than 30 seconds.

Do you know what your priority objective should be when you answer a phone call? Get the email from the caller. Having the email of a potential client allows you to be in contact with him / her every 2 days using a predetermined sequence of emails that you will get in a high percentage that this person flies to call you to see the property. My students get it in 80% of cases. If they can do it, so can you.

The second objective that you must achieve is that the client visits your property or visits your office. If you limit yourself to inform by phone about the characteristics of the property that you have been asked about, you will not get very far and you will lose most of your potential clients.

If a potential client calls you to find out more details about a particular 2-bedroom home, it does not mean that you are interested in that home. The only thing that shows is that you are not interested in a 1-bedroom house, or in a luxury beach villa. And what are you looking for in your area?

At the moment, he is interested in a 2-bedroom house, but as he does not know, (and it is impossible to know) , all the 2-bedroom homes available in the market in a certain area, call you because your ad  “has chopped curiosity. ” This customer is in the search phase and has not yet passed the comparison phase

If you are a good advisor, you will end up buying a home through you, be it the house for which you called or another that you have in your portfolio. And if you are an “experienced seller” , you will end up, buying from you, a home that at that time you may not have in your wallet. Here is the difference between the professional real estate seller and the “amaterur”.

How to Sell Real Estate: Manage the 1st email.

The same happens when you receive an email from a real estate portal or from Facebook. You must work with a pre-designed template and with messages that, surprise, surprise, do not try to sell the property for which you have requested information.

This email aims to generate a visit to the property, mentioning a couple of features and several “benefits” already selected, which are the ones that do the magic on many occasions.

This email is followed by a sequence of emails that focus more on selling your real estate service than the property for which information has been requested.

With this system, on average 2-3 visits are obtained for every 10 emails received , which is not bad at all.

An email marketing campaign that we did last year comes to mind for a real estate developer that had a database of more than 9,000 emails from the launch of a new promotion. These emails came from their online promotion campaigns of the last 4 months.

With a sequence of 12 well-structured emails to that database of +9,000 potential customers, the promoter managed to finish selling its promotion in less than 3 months .

Two of the most frequent mistakes made in sending emails are: 1.- a boring and poorly structured content; 2.- attached documentation is sent.

I am glad to see that email marketing real estate is slowly coming to this sector and I understand that many real estate agents do not dominate it at all, but at least they use it getting some results.

“This is very positive, because all the experts in online marketing will tell you that the best means to attract customers is email, regardless of the sector in which you work. Better than any social media or Google Ads.”

How to Sell Real Estate with Effective Advertising.

The previous comment leads me to discuss another important topic : how to publish an ad in any online medium, to attract potential qualified customers. Above all they leave your email and / or phone number.

Those who have been in this real estate sector for years, we know that detailing a property with many features does not generate requests for information. That much more profitable to announce benefits and let “imagination fly”, based on the premise that: the client knows what he does NOT want; But he doesn’t know what he wants. What is sought with this type of attractive and not misleading advertising is to receive a contact. If there is no contact, it is clear that sales cannot be made.

This type of advertising is what generates calls from people really interested in buying a property NOW, (in the next 3-8 weeks). We have reached this conclusion, after having announced many online properties; having written hundreds of real estate ads over the years and racking their brains trying to understand why people don’t call if the property we are advertising is so great.

Today I am clear. The ads we prepare for my clients, (which have a different focus and writing), may seem jocular , can raise more than a cynical smile, it may seem that I am throwing money; But they work.

They work because these ads are written focusing the text on the benefits provided by the property, not on its characteristics. That is why they generate requests for information from people interested in buying a property TODAY, and sometimes not precisely the property they have seen advertised differently from the rest.

Read this ad and compare it with the rest of the ones you read daily in the portals:

Quality of Life in this Beautiful and Enviable Penthouse in Torrequemada!

Elegant and exclusive 127 m² penthouse on the beachfront and with magnificent sea views in Benalmadena in the Torrequebrada area 

An attic with a beautiful and comfortable terrace facing the sea in a quiet and safe area. Here you smell like sea every morning. The construction qualities of this penthouse are of 1st quality and consists of a spacious living room with access to the terrace and 3 bedrooms. The price of only € 430,000 euros is worth up to the last cent. Nothing better at this price in this area.

Do you want more? This penthouse comes with a private solarium of 130 meters on the top floor where you can install a closed pergola. A wonderful attic to improve your quality of life. Do you want more? You have to see this spacious and bright kitchen! You will like.

If you are looking for the best; This is the best. Call and check it out. Do you know what will happen? You will come to visit it, you will inspect it, it will steal your heart and you will buy it. Call Estrella now at +34.133.456.789

With your ads or advertising campaigns you want to capture potential customers who are out there looking for an immerse in your area and do not know you yet. Once they give you their name and email you already have a potential customer. With a single call and a number. You have nothing on the phone. For this reason, your first objective should be to get the email of the person who contacts you.

You have placed the ad to attract a customer; not to sell that precise property . Here is the difference between good and bad real estate advertising.

What is internet advertising expensive? Many real estate portals including Blue World City do not generate many requests for information? Online advertising is not expensive, the expensive thing is not knowing how to advertise or promote your real estate online in the wrong way. Over time you will understand that to attract clients with your advertising, you must learn the fundamentals of human psychology and real estate copywriting .

Or do you want to publish the typical announcement of: “2 room apartment, kitchen, bathroom and large terrace … blah blah blah” ? I didn’t know that homes were sold without a bathroom or without a kitchen. I exaggerate? Look at the ads on real estate portals and you will verify that I am correct.

Do you want to know how to sell real estate quickly? Remember: “Any customer who calls you knows what they DO NOT want; but he doesn’t know what he wants . ”

Promote your real estate service and publish ads that generate curiosity and interest. This can only be achieved if you detail benefits and not features.