What makes Ibn Battuta the greatest traveler?

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was a wanderer from the 14th Century who spent nearly 30 years of life traveling across different areas of the world. When it comes to the title of the most celebrated traveler in history, the majority of the people mention the name of Marco Polo due to the considerable distance that he traveled through. But if we look into the journey that Ibn Battuta embarked on, we discover many reasons that make us believe that he was the most celebrated traveler in history.

The Dangers Ibn Battuta Endured:

Traveling may seem like an overwhelming thing to do, but it is, in fact, full of risks and dangers. Battuta spent almost half of his life on a journey, and he traveled across 40 modern day countries. He moved across large strips of Eastern Hemisphere and mostly moved by land. He often found himself in extreme situations like wars and rebel attacks and many shipwrecks. To minimize the dangerous aspect of traveling, he often joined caravans to keep himself surrounded by people.

Why Did Ibn Battuta Choose To Travel?

Different people have different motives for traveling, some do it to find work, and some do it to find themselves. Ibn Battuta’s motive for traveling was purely based on wanderlust, the thirst to explore the world around him. He had no partner in crime neither did he start his journey with a caravan, instead all he has was a burning desire to go and explore the wonders of the world.\

The Interesting Beginning:

Many people don’t know that Ibn Battuta started his journey by riding on a donkey. After traveling solo for a while, he joined a caravan on its way to North Africa. As Battuta was still young at that time and he had minimal prior experience of traveling, he could not bear the hardships of the journey and became sick. His sickness was so severe that he often had to tie himself to a saddle to make sure that he will not collapse.

Despite all the illness, Battuta managed to gather up the strength to marry a young woman during one of his stopovers. This woman was not the only one he married, and during his entire journey, he married ten women and divorced them as he went along with his journey, thus setting a real example of moving on.

The Dream That Drove Him:

Ibn Battuta once had a dream that a big bird carried him on its wings and took him towards the east and left him there. He asked a Holy man to interpret his vision, and the Holy man predicted that Battuta will travel across the world and will spend most of his life as a traveler. This interpretation had a great effect on Battuta, and he decided to fulfill the prediction.

The Trip to Orient:

The trip to Orient was the most horrifying experience of Battuta’s entire journey as his group found itself under the attack of Hindu rebels. The shooting occurred while Battuta’s group was on their way to the Indian coast and the rebels not only kidnapped Battuta but also robbed him off of everything he owned. He somehow managed to survive the attack by making it to the ocean where his ship suffered a wreck, and many of his group members died.

After this horrific incident, Battuta went to China and fell in love with the natural beauty of the country. According to him, China was the best country for traveling and also the safest however he didn’t spend much time with the non-Muslim community of the country and only stayed close to the Muslim community.

New recipe: Email Marketing with Social Networks

Email Marketing

Surely you are looking for a guide to grow your email marketing list thanks to social networks. Today you will learn how I have managed to double the subscriber rate in my email list.

Fold email marketing

And not only that, I also want to show you how I got a Fan Page from Facebook with the following rate of I like daily (data for the month of November 2016):

Summary of the post

Take advantage of web visits to capture followers on social networks.

Convert users of our social networks into email marketing followers.

Types of common profiles in Social Networks

It is interesting to define what kind of profile is the most common in social networks to decide in which social network you want to design your strategy of attracting subscribers to the email marketing list.

Thus, you can not only take advantage of the traffic in each of your channels to grow your lists of subscribers and followers, but also optimize the campaigns focusing on a specific target audience.

Here are the most common profiles on networks:

Facebook: Women under 30 years old.

Linkedin: Men over 30 years.

Twitter: Men under 30 years.

Pinterest: Women over 25 years old.

However, these data do not mean that you cannot focus campaigns to another type of audience thanks to segmentation tools offered by each of the platforms. They simply indicate that this profile is the most usual one in each social network.

Social networks

To grow your list you must choose well which platform is the most appropriate to reach the target audience of your company.

How to attract subscribers with transactional emails.

It will surprise you, but yes, with social networks you can convert many users into end customers automatically.

During the last months, social networks have evolved enormously in terms of the information they obtain from users. Although Facebook (along with Instagram and WhatsApp) is the social network that knows the most about us, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are still lurking.

Let’s see what opportunities each one offers, but first of all: do you already have an email marketing tool to create campaigns?

If you do not have, then I’ll explain what I use.


You cannot extract data from your Facebook followers, so the appropriate way to convert them into subscribers of an email marketing list is by offering valuable content together with a call to action that leads the user to your web page.

Within your web page you will have to place a pop-up type form, side banner or whatever your email marketing tool offers.

There are several ways to drive your Facebook visits to the website:

The first and the most used is through the publication of an article or post. Simply copy the link and paste it into your state.

Another very common way is adding the link to the description of an image. Try it, it works very well.

Facebook took a little bit the option to add a button at the top of our page of followers with which you can easily add the button “subscribe to the list”, to drive traffic to your website. Do not forget to put a URL that links to your form.

A new way to do this is to generate a small app within Facebook that allows you to add a registration form. To access this form, add a new tab on your Facebook page.


The public that we find inside LinkedIn is more demanding than that of Facebook, be careful how you present yourself.

There are three ways to get more subscribers with LinkedIn, but I do not recommend them all:

Directly export profile emails. Beware, it may be considered spam or it may be perceived as fraudulent. I do not recommend it.

You can also search for exemplary profiles and candidates to start a private conversation with each of them and offer them the possibility of subscribing.

Finally, you can create or join a group to which interesting profiles belong to offer your subscription form.


The social network of 140 characters. Surely you already know her and have entered some time and again.

Do you know that you can convert visits to subscribers effectively? The different ways that Twitter offers are the following:

Publish an image with the link to the subscription form or to a page that offers added value and allows the subscription option.

Add the url of your blog or landing page (landing) in the profile description.

Tweet comments with the shortened url.


Without a doubt, it is the most complicated. Pinterest users are accustomed to using visual content and can rarely satisfy an emailing subscription. However, a good way to get the odd subscriber is to add the link to your publications.

Now I want more followers

You’ve already seen how to drive social media traffic to your subscription form. Now drive the traffic of your web to have more followers:

Add “Like” or “Follow” buttons at the end of each article. This is my star trick with which I have managed to pass the 1,000 followers on Facebook in just one month.

Add the buttons of social networks on your website, and also in your email marketing templates.

What nobody does

Try the following, it’s something I’ve seen a few companies do and get really effective results (from a certain number of visits):


Add to Facebook a tab with a list of links of your last shipments.

Share on LinkedIn, in groups, on your profile or open a debate about the topics you are dealing with.

Use Twitter to post small contents of your last article.

Post on Pinterest a snapshot of your emails sent

Email marketing supporters

Difference between content marketing and published content

Conceptually, publishing an article in a social network and generating content marketing do not have the same meaning.

The needs of email marketing are different from the needs of content marketing.

Content marketing aims to generate in users a brand image according to the other strategies of the company, while email marketing pursues a positive response to a certain action. For example, inviting users to watch a new video on the channel, or read a post is an objective of email marketing or social media marketing content. However, the content of the post or the content of the video refers to content marketing or content marketing.


Be the Very First to Read about Home Inspection Near Me

The Demise of Home Inspection Near Me

As typically required all over the country within the expert area of the building business, safety must always come first! It is crucial to supply the dog complete medical inspection by a veterinarian to get rid of any sort of medical problems that may complicate the procedure for house training your dog. Well, employing a professional building inspector is always going to give you right assistance once it comes to renovating your septic tank inside your heritage building.

If you see your pet was stung, start looking for signals of allergic reactions. In some instances dogs can react to the den as though it’s a penitentiary or perhaps a punishment. Your dog ought to be in a position to stand up, turn around and lie down in a pure status in the carrier.

Top Home Inspection Secrets

When a home enters the market the purchaser will appear at it and compare it to the remainder of the marketplace. Smokers’ homes are not easy to sell. Purchasing a home is a significant milestone in any individual’s life. Selling an old house and purchasing a new one is an arduous process and you need to always request help from others.

An electrical fire cannot be extinguished with water. Fire alarms are a fundamental fire safety recommendation. A fire alarm may not merely protect the lives of relatives. There’s a variety of fire alarms readily available on the marketplace.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Home Inspection Near Me

Blanket Storage It is important to get easy accessibility to a blanket. In addition, there are available in the industry self-help kits with sprays and baits for home usage. After all, you’ll be living there and you ought to be confident that all aspects suit you before you create an offer. Before you truly make an offer for a house you love, you should find a home inspection near me to check for indications of structural damage on the property.

You can complete the application in the worldwide on-line enrollment system. The procedure for installing a pool is time intensive and tedious. Whatever the job, identify one step you can possibly make right away to move towards what you need to accomplish. When you proceed through the kiosk procedure, there’s a little possibility that your traveler’s receipt will issue an order requiring more inspection after getting to customs. The system isn’t going to enable you to have any gaps in your dates. A system can be challenging and very daunting, but should you begin by planning out your requirements, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring your products have the high quality and value you and your clients expect. Technology simply adds a new degree of immediacy to the issue.

Maybe you aren’t interested in ensuring your company stays around for some time, then you obviously don’t will need to read any further. Saving money is good since it will allow you to learn to put aside the amount of money you will definitely need later on, as buying a home is a process which has a lot of additional (and often unexpected) costs. Otherwise, you are going to wind up offering plenty of money simply to discover you have to pay a little fortune for fixing things up before you move in.

Getting rid of the Roaches

The most common uninvited and unwanted guests are cockroaches. They are annoying and dirty insects that can make you feel yuck when you see them. Getting rid of these cockroaches is not easy. They infest your house anytime. They make the place dirty and spread diseases. Worry not, getting rid of them is easy, once you have hired for a professional help you will surely get rid of them once and for all.

For the people living in Huntington, getting a pest control service is easy as there are so many options available. The easiest way to get a service is by searching it online. All you have to do is search for roach exterminator Huntington, NY. In this way, you get to know the competitors as well. Looking at their services you can decide for yourself which company you wish to go ahead with.

Well, there are other things as well you should consider while looking for a pest control company. Let us explore what are the other things that should be considered.


Well, this is one of the biggest deciding factors for many people. When you are taking a service from anyone, you will think of the amount of money you will be spending on it. And it is alright to think about it. This is actually a smart move, you should check for the cost and the expenses before you book a professional.


Another key factor is the availability of the services, every company has different working policies and shifts. You must analyze it clearly that the services you are looking for and the service the company is providing should match. In this way, you should match the requirements before taking a decision. Getting the service on time is also considered as a good factor.


The most important factor that can make you take or break the deal is the service. When you get the right service at the right amount then you are more than happy. Likewise, when you get the opposite then you might think twice before going back to the company.


This is also another deciding factor that can make or break faith. If you do not trust the company or you have heard negative feedback about them, it will be hard for you to put your trust in them. Also, the rating and the image of the company does matter while looking for the perfect company. Also, the rating and the goodwill of the company also adds as a deciding factor.

I have mentioned some of the points that you should think about before considering to hire a professional help for roach removal. These points are simple and will help you to take a wise decision. Knowing or not knowing them doesn’t make you a wise or foolish person, in the end, we can do some research, learn about things and make the right choice. There are many roach removal companies that will teach you to keep your house cockroach free. Do follow them in order to stay out of the cockroach mess.

How to find more about bug infestation

bed bug control

In the last few years, the cases of bug infestation have gone on to increase in numbers. There seems to a no end to this issue, though bed bug control could be a welcome course of action. In every hook or corner, you can find them and this extends to public transport as well.

In relation to the question of bed bug infestation, there are some tips you can follow. This would mean where to look and how to locate them. If the problem does not suspect there are a host of tips that would help you in the future as well

  • The moment you might check into a hotel it would be a reputable one. Do not consider the fact that it would be immune to bed bugs. Under the bed would happen to be the perfect hiding place for these insects. A physical and systematic inspection of the bed sheets would be the thing you need to be aware of. Just take out the bedding and undertaken an inspection at your own end. At the same time check out the side of the mattress for any form of activity as well.
  • Observe the dark spots. On the back portion of the heard board, you are likely to come across one. This might have been left behind by the bed bugs. If they are fierce the moment you wipe them they are going to leave behind stains. Do observe the eggs at the same time. While in colour, about the size of a granule, they are visible to the human eye. It would be common to find them across the seams of your mattresses.
  • Do check the other areas of the room or the matter the furnishings as well. Any standing unit or the back of the cabinet you would need to check as well.  The clocks and smoke alarms are some places where you find the bugs and carefully inspect them. You would need to check out the places where the source of light would be less. This does appear to be the favourite hunting ground of the pests.  If you have any sort of doubts, then do not unpack your things. Look out for any possible signs of infestation before you plan to unpack your bags.
  • If the smell of the room happens to be unpleasant there does show signs of infestation in your room. It could replicate a smell of raspberries or a pungent smell as well
  • A lot of people are of the opinion that if they check into a new hotel then the problem would be over. This does not appear to be the case in any way. Imagine a situation where the person who might have been in the room before you could have brought bed bugs. This could be in the luggage or clothes. Be aware of the following pointers in relation to bed bugs
  • Do not check out into another room as bed bugs spread easily as well?

Benefits residential window tints

tucson residential window tinter

Residential window tints are available in a variety of designs, functionalities, and forms. These are useful stuff for residential houses. These window tints act like a veritable cover on the window panes. Tucson residents suffer from hot summers and cold winters. For them, a window tint is a must. They not only beautify homes but also decorate houses and obstruct inside view from outside. So how do you a window tint? A window tint is a film that is stuck on the window pane. But why do people use them? They use it in a variety of ways. While some use it to reduce the inside view from outside, some others use it to enhance the beauty and still, others use it to bring down cooling and heating cost. There are many Tucson residential window tints companies that install such tints.

How Does a Window Tint Bring Down Cooling and Heating Cost?

A window tint can bring down heating and cooling cost. It can do so by restricting the flow of heat. If the flow of heat from outside to inside is restricted during summer the need for cooling comes down. Similarly, if the flow of heat from inside to outside is restricted during winter the need for heating comes down. So when you install window tints in all the windows of your house the flow of heat from outside to inside gets reduced in summer. This brings down your overall cost of cooling. Similarly, in winter if you stick window tints in all the windows of your house you can restrict the flow of heat from inside to outside. This way you can bring down the cost of heating up the whole house. This is why many Tucson residents use window tints. There are many Tucson residential window tints companies that specialize in window tint installation.

Opaque Films

Window tints not only bring down heating and cooling cost they also protect the privacy of your households. How do they do that? They do that by restricting inside view from outside. Since these are opaque films people from outside cannot view things inside. However, these films are designed in such a way that people from inside can get the outside views. This makes them convenient staff for households. Residential houses may need to see outside, but bar outsiders from getting inside view. These window tints serve this purpose.


Security is another major reason why people use these films. These are special window tints which work as security films. How do they do that? They can do that by preventing glass panes from shredding and scattering throughout the room. These window tints contain a middle layer of toughened glass. This is the security layer. If anybody from outside throws a solid object at the glass, this middle layer of toughened glass absorbs the impact and breaks. This makes sure that shreds of glass don’t scatter throughout the room. There are many Tucson residential window tints companies that offer services for installing such security films. If you need their service they are always a phone call away.  Call them anytime and you can get their services.

Dry carpet cleaning- The major advantages which emerge out of the mechanism

best carpet cleaning san antonio

To any property wooden floors could be a wonderful value addition, but people love to carpet their homes. Be it in any area of your home the carpet does prove to be a wonderful value addition. If you employ the services of best carpet cleaning San Antonio there are various advantages. With carpeting, you need more care along with skill. If you walk on the carpet with dirty feet it could leave a lot of stains.

There are a couple of ways by which you can clean the carpets. Either you can go on to wash it with soap and water and secondly, you can use harsh chemicals with dry moisture. If you clean carpets with water and soap it would be really difficult as 4 to 5 days you might require to dry it in direct sunlight. For this precise reason, a lot of people do prefer dry cleaning of carpets. You are not going to need any fluids or water but with some chemicals, you can wash the carpet. If moisture does appear to be there it would need a lot of time for it to soak. This means you can clean the carpet and place it at the correct place. Within the next few hours.

The major advantages that you come across with dry carpet cleaning methods are

  • Drying time at a low level- The first major reason why people go on to choose dry cleaning methods would be that you do not have to wait long to put the carpet in place. In just a few hours the entire operation of carpet cleaning does go on to take place. A lot of methods are being put to use in this type of cleaning with fast evaporating chemicals the most likely source. You do not have to expose the carpet in direct sunlight
  • A more hygienic approach- when you use water for carpet cleaning the bacteria will not wash the water but even the soap at times. One of the major advantages of dry cleaning would be hot steam along with chemicals are put to use that kills all the bacteria along with germs that would be present in the carpet layers. In this method, you do get a new brand carpet each time you go on to clean it.
  • For commercial purposes it would be a wonderful asset- with residential and commercial carpets there does arise to be a considerable degree of difference. In your living room you can live without a carpet for a few days, but in case of a commercial setting, it would be virtually impossible to even imagine. You can opt for such services on the weekend and get back to work on Monday morning. You will figure out that the carpet does appear to be prone to cleaning in a fast and concise manner

Last but the most important point would be that it would be more affordable than other methods.

The Features and Traits of Gutter Installation Oshkosh

gutter installation oshkosh

Unless and until you are a handyman and you want a quality seamless gutter in your house call for the gutter installation Oshkosh. They will come and do the work for you. It is more reasonable to take help from the professionals for this work. Gutter system is the most important part of the house which many people ignore.

When the owner of the house performs their home improvement projects they forget to look into the gutters. Plant debris can corrode away the gutter. Sometimes the condition becomes worst so the owner of the house think it to replace it than to repair it. Gutter installation may sound like a big deal for the homeowner but it is not a difficult task altogether.

Before you purchase materials for the new gutter it will be better if you map out the house correctly and then its current gutter system. Check how long the gutter will run and then calculate the number and the length of downspouts. If the old gutter system of your house works properly then maintain the same configuration with the new system. See how well the old one is working. Then make a list of materials you need for the project and do not forget to write down all the measurements.

If the gutter of your place does not run more than 35 feet then its highest point will be at one end and the run will slop downward towards the downpipe. And if the run is more than 35 feet than the high point will be in the centre and the run sloping down on both the sides of the downpipe. The high point will be below an inch below the fascia board for both the lengths.

Gutter installation is very important these days especially in today’s world. Every building needs a proper cutter installation to avoid some common damages like soil erosion, leaking and many more. Fixing these problems will cost more than installing a new gutter system. Moreover this investment will beautify the physical appearance of every building.

Many people like to install their own gutter system. It is a daunting task if you are doing it all by yourself but it is a great way to save money. You will surely get lot of appreciation after the work. Every gutter catches rainfall and then it diverts its location. The downspout totally depends on the house owner’s choice. Generally people find the gutter at the corner of the house. There must be someone who can map properly where the gutter will be necessary. It is very important to have a better allocation of the slopes to avoid any kind of leaks, damages and uncertain instances.

 Dirty and risky house chores are a part of rain gutter responsibilities. People should clean the gutter at least once a week so that it can function properly. Preservation and cleaning the gutter system is vital for water diversion. So whenever you get time at least clean the gutter of your house.



Tips to follow when you are buying a home security camera

best home security camera

The best home security camera could be a wonderful addition to the already home security mechanisms in place. You can put them to use for a wide variety of purposes. The main objective would be to act as a visual deterrent to all burglars. One of the ways to discharge a burglar from making an entry to your premises would be to have a wide array of cameras that have been set up in the premises. For the house owner installation of a home security camera would not take a lot of convincing. This does not seem to be an overwhelming situation as it might seem to a lot of people.

In the installation of a home security camera, the most important point of consideration would be to install a wireless or one that has a power source. A host of security camera options are there that seems to be a wireless option. It means that there is no need for wires and the cameras do not need to establish a connection with an external power source. But still the camera does require a source of power and that would be the internal battery. This would be a lot easy to install as there does not need any specific reason for wiring. But maintaining it does require significant challenges as you might have to replace or recharge them on a frequent basis.

Before opting for the purchase the location of the home security system also needs to be given a thought. You will figure out that they are subject to installation outdoors. This does go on to require a host of considerations. Ensuring proper protection from the weather elements does seem to be an important task. You need to choose one that aligns with the environment that you are part of. The place where you need to install the camera needs to be given due consideration. In order to detect a burglar the home security system, you might have to install in areas of high visibility. If you cannot detect them easily there does not make sense to go and buy them.

You would also want to choose a home security system that does go on to record the images from the camera. This could be subject to record in various ways in the form of DVD, CD or even the computer. It does need to be thought on which method you want to exercise before you are planning to install a home security system. This has to be compatible with the method of recording, to be honest.

A host of options are there for all who really want to purchase a home security camera. These options could make an individual prone to confusion. In some cases, it might prevent a homeowner from making a purchase as well. Be aware that a careful research would make the process of purchasing a home camera an easy process. Figure out the needs before you purchase one.

Effective spider removal methods at your own home

Spider removal Commack, NY

With weather changing hands, there does appear to be a damp feeling in the environment. No wonders to the fact that you might come across a situation where your home seems to be full of spiders. Considering the fear, a solution to the problem does seem to be an obvious one. Professional Spider removal Commack, NY does work out to be a one-stop solution for all your needs. To our great luck, there are a lot of solutions that we can gain. Let us now explore some of the ways to keep off this horrible creature.


One of the standard practices that call out for spider removal. You might have to such it up with the hoover and then confine them to the interiors of a black bag. The main problem that arises would be will be spider be able to walk off on its own if you happen to turn off this device. For a lot of people, this does appear to be a cruel method in order to get rid of the spiders. Yes agreed most of us do not like spiders and we do not want them at our home. But a cruel method in order to remove them would be the last thing at the back of our mind. You just want them to leave the premises in a natural manner as soon as possible

Spider sprays

This does work out to be a safe and natural method. This does prevent the cobwebs from setting up base in specific areas. Do observe the areas where you are likely to come across the spiders the most. Just spray on the doors, windows or any form of the entrance that you come across them using. If the spiders cannot set up base in a short span of time, they are going to find a different way.

Spider catchers

This does appear to be a humane method to deal with the issue of spiders and it would be the spider catcher. There are products like spider vacuums that do work in a similar way. it does work in a similar manner as the hoover but it does prove to be a lot gentle. Then you go on to on releasing them outside the home. Most of them have a long handle as part of their design. This prevents you from establishing a contact with this creature.

Just be aware that all the above methods do work out to be defensive ones. All of them to operate on one principle and that would be to remove the spiders once they have gone on to make an entry to your home. But this might really be a cause of surprise. Why do you need a preventive method when you come across a situation where the spiders are already in the home.

There are some modern methods as well. Incorporate ultrasonic rays so that the spiders cannot make a way to your home at all.