Popcorn Ceiling! Hazardous Protection

If you think your house is under any contamination threat then we at bay area asbestos removal are here to help you. Call us today. We do inspections for Asbestos Removal, Lead Removal, Popcorn Ceiling and Mold Removal. We are a renowned Company, who operate in California Area. We with our experience and hard work come to your aid and help you making your house contaminant free. Sometimes when we do construction in our house then materials like Asbestos and lead tend to appear in our houses which make our house unhealthy and unsafe to live in. Local Laws are there for our aid, according to which we have to hire someone to clean our house from these materials only then we can live in the house. Then we recommend that you call us and give us this opportunity because our inspection surveys are free and if we suspect any trace of contamination in your house then we’ll let you know and ask for your approval to clean it and also tell you about our affordable packages. And if you give us a green light then we promise you that you won’t have to worry about such kind of problem ever again. We will make your house squeaky clean.

Introduction About Us

We are a local asbestos removal company. We provide you service for the removal of asbestos and other harmful and dangerous chemicals like lead etc. We are a licensed certified asbestos removal company. Our technicians are California state certified and are very experienced in the removal of such kind of stuff. We provide friendly and professional service to you to make your area and environment worth living. We also use high-tech machinery in our cleaning process. HEPA Vacuuming is always our first choice in the removal of debris. In short, what we do is effective and efficient so that you and your family can stay safe.

Our Services

We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal do everything in our power for the removal of harmful and contaminant substances. We offer Services in Fremont and Milpitas and also in San Jose and Bay Area. We do remove molding traces and also lead that has appeared in old paints and also remove popcorn ceilings for both aesthetic reasons and also because of their potential to contain asbestos ceiling. Our Services are as follows:

  • Asbestos Removal:

Its removal is mandatory, if people want to live in the house. We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal make this possible. Our team of professionals remove this in such a way according to the laws that not a single trace is left behind. Don’t delay in the removal of this chemical substance because if remain unchecked it causes lungs to get damaged.

  • Lead Removal:

As we at Bay Area Asbestos Removal are expert in removing lead and we do it by containing it i.e. sealing off vents, blocking exits etc. At the time of construction, we recommend not to use a paint containing lead in it. If you don’t know then, inhaling lead can cause brain damage.

  • Mold Removal:

Mold is also a dangerous threat to the livelihood. If it remains unchecked then it will cause physical mold reactions, which is a dangerous implication so our team make sure to remove it in a professional way by keeping all the safety points checked. We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal will make mold to be permanently eliminated from your premises.

Popcorn Ceiling:

Popcorn Ceiling Removal has now become a necessity because of its containment of asbestos and lead materials. If traces of such materials are seen then what you need is to remove it instantly by hiring a renowned company like that of Bay Area Asbestos Removal.