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Roofing adds safety to your place. It can help as a shield and protects the roof from worse weather conditions. We have been working in Bridgend for more than five decades and we offer Roofer Bridgend services. You can trust us completely as our contractors have done mare that 20% building roofing in Bridgend.


We not only work for your cash but also we serve the community with trust and best services. It is also a saying that if people like you, they will listen to you but if people trust you, they will do business with you. Trust is the foundation of our business and we consider all the factors that are important to trust. We provide our best services in Bridgend and surroundings.


Roofer Bridgend

Pitch Roofing

We can do all kinds of roofing. There are two main types of roofing. One is pitch roofing and the other is flat roofing. We can help you to decide what kind of roofing will be favorable for you.

Pitch roofing involves steepness of the roofing. Pitch is the angle between the height of the pitch and twelve inches width of the roof horizontally. Consider roof arises up 6 inches every 12 inches horizontally then the roof has 6 in 12 pitches. As the value of this ratio decreases, the steepness of roofing arises.

We can help you to decide what pitch-roofing angle is desirable for you. Many considerations play an important role to decide optimal pitch. If your house is in the region where there is snow falling in the winter season, then for such condition the minimum pitch of the roof is 30 degrees or 6:12.

Just tell us your requirements, we will do the math and if you want to have pitch roofing above your flat roof, we will guide you and give you optimal solutions for best. To get maximum benefits from roofing, there should be proper arrangements and perfect installation.

As far as pitch-roofing materials of construction are concerned, we offer variable solutions. We offer two basic materials coal tar and asphalt. These are traditional materials of constructions. For modern roofing, materials are metal, wood, tiles etc. Depending on your choice and budget, we choose the best material for construction.

There are various types of pitch roofing. These are closed couple roofing, purlin roofing, mono-pitch roofing, trussed refer roofing, and collar roofing. These roofing types vary depending on their positions, slopes and extensions.


Which Pitch Roofing Type Is Best For My Building?

Just think about pitch, consider two roofing types of different slopes. The roofing that has low pitch will allow less water to collect and thus there is no gathering of water on the roofing. If the slope angle is small, there are many chances of water collection. According to our professionals’ minimum slope angle should be 35 degrees.

We just not provide the best roofing for your facility; we also tend to give better solutions for your roofing problems.