The ULSI technology basedC

The Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry launched the computer system of the fifth generation in 1982. VLSI technology in this fifth generation of computers has grown and developed to ULSI technology. When amicroprocessor chips is built it requires about millions of little electrical based components. With logic programs and massively parallel processing, the computer developed in the fifth generation was constructed.

This computer generation was built on parallel computer processing hardware and AI software. Artificial intelligence may demonstrate how computers are seen to be the same as men and women. All types of high-level languages in this generation are utilized to supply the computer with input.

fifth generation of computers

ULSI based computers and Artificial Intelligence

The main purpose of proposing this ULSI method is to advance artificial intelligence and integrate it in a new generation of highly powerful computers, to allow the ordinary man to utilize these computers as well. The AI-included systems are employed and give different benefits in many real-life situations.

These systems can perform effectively in such circumstances under conditions that need knowledge and qualifications of a kind that a person can be given formal training for these situations.Nevertheless, they cannot adapt to the need for tacit understanding when people may obtain tacit information in natural language by conversing and by acknowledging form and speech.

Main Features of the ULSI based Computers

Artificial intelligence is among one of the major aspects of the ULSI technology based computers of this generation, which helps to enhance computers. There are everywhere AI applications, from navigation to searching. Video analysis, picture processing and others are also employed. It is predicted that almost any element of computing will be automated by AI.

The ULSI based computers contain SSD storage, which is accessible, it’s quicker than the old storage methods. And a few additional technologies are being developed. So computers of this generation wait for quicker and bigger storage. Now one processor is utilized per CPU, however there are already special computers with parallel processing accessible but these are not full and have very small features.

Advantages of the ULSI based Computers

The ULSI based computers contain far more advantages than the previous computer technologies and generations had. One of their main benefit which has made them very much useful in the gaming, medicine and robotics field is that they are artificial intelligence based computers. The development of ULSI based computers is designed to tackle very complicated issues, including natural language functioning. These computers may be easily transported and repaired from place to place. These computers are alsoquite easy to handle.

Disadvantages of the ULSI based Computers

These ULSI based computers along with their benefits also contain some limitations which include the fear of unemployment. As we are well aware about the functions that a computer could perform so, it’s quite easy for a computer to perform multiple tasks and as a result computers instead of humans will be used in more of the fields and less jobs will be produced.