What is the Traditional Dress of Scotland

The kilt, which also goes by the name tartan kilt, is considered to be the traditional dress of Scotland. It is very fascinating to believe that the Scottish kilts that we wear now were emerged at the beginning of the early 17th century and their trend spread like wildfire and now they are worn and recognized by many people around the globe. The kilt is mostly worn by men and but nowadays you are also going to see women wear a kilt too!

There are kilt like skirts for women that feature tartan pattern on them and they can be either long or short. A traditional Scottish kilt usually reaches the wearer’s knees. Additionally, the lower hem of the knee must not be touched by the kilt. It is a strict tradition that you will have to follow especially if you frequently attend cultural events. The kilts are available in around 4 to eight yards of wool.

The tartan kilt often features pleats in the back of the kilt. It is very important that the fabric is folded and sewn so that the tartan pattern is not interrupted in any way. This goes same for the front and the back sides. Pleats that don’t ruin the tartan pattern in a kilt make it look very amazing.

Another important feature in a kilt is when the bottom hem is not sewn but rather is cut off without any fringes. Thus, a good Utility kilt fabric and perfect workmanship will not wear out even after decades. When shopping for a kilt, make sure to buy only custom made kilts because the one that does come off the shelf won’t offer you the type of quality that you’ll get in a custom kilt.

The kilt is wrapped around the waist and in case of a loose kilt, you can also wear a buckle belt with it. The bottom of the kilt features a kilt pin that stop aprons from flapping in a windy day. A traditional Scottish outfit also features a “Tam O’ Shanter”, which is basically a traditional Scottish bonnet worn by men.

The outfit also includes a Prince Charlie jacket, vest, buckle belt, and sporran. If you don’t what a sporran is then it is simply a pouch made of fur or leather that functions as a pocket and is mostly worn with a kilt. A kilt pin is also necessary to wear with the kilt. The kilt pin is put on the left or right corner of the kilt and they also come in various designs and materials. The purpose of the kilt pin is to prevent the kilt from flapping in the wind. Additionally, other things that are included in a traditional Scottish outfit are kilt flashes, Sgian Dubh, and Ghillie Brogues.