Transport Debt Collection from Alexander, Miller & Associates

Settling the debt disputes of the transport and logistics section with Alexander, Miller & Associates is made simple through their experience and expertise in the industry. Most of the clients belonging to this sector come from exporters and importers. The disputes are related to surface, rail, sea and air transport for the inland sector. The primary reason for the dispute could be attributed to the negligence of the service providers in maintaining regular books of accounts. Many of them still depend on manual or semi-automated systems for accounting and finance. This results in incomplete books of accounts and finance statements. They are unable to get the outstanding balances from their debtors periodically.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Accounting Assistance

The finance and accounting experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates can provide assistance to the transport company in setting their accounting procedures right. They do it with the help of advanced accounting software systems. In some instances the company may have to automate their complete accounting system. Only this can lead to the proper documentation of the previous transactions with their debtors.

  • Accurate Data: – Accuracy of data collection plays an important role in streamlining the books of accounts. This will also pave the way for getting the actual and accurate finance statements, outstanding reports, aging reports, invoice wise balances etc. In some instances the transport company staffs might have missed out on data entry of many critical invoices. Then the accounting experts from Alexander, Miller & Associates might contact the debtors and get the invoice details.
  • Report Generation: – After collecting all the bits and pieces of data about the transactions, the experts help the transport company to set their accounting documents in the right way. Once this procedure is complete they reconcile them and get the legal approval by cross referring them with the books of accounts maintained by the debtors. They can help in settling any differences and disputes t this stage between the creditors and the debtors.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Debtor Communication

In the second stage Alexander, Miller & Associates help the creditors by establishing communication with the debtor company. They send out the payment reminders, so the settlements can be made in amicable manner. If some of the instances the debtors are ready to repay, but have certain reservations. Then the agency experts can negotiate with them and sign agreements for repayment after consultancy.

  • Dispute Settlement: – In some cases the debtors might not agree with the net debt amount which is stated by the creditor. Then the experts from Alexander, Miller & Associates sit with the representatives of both the companies and conduct a realistic audit. This will help in reaching an amicable settlement.
  • Debtor Refusal: – if the debtor company refuses to acknowledge or repay the debts, the experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates take the next measures of investigation and establishment of debt evidence. Most of the debtors agree to repay based on certain pre-conditions which can be resolved amicably. Only rare cases of disputes coming to the agency might go to the litigation stage. Even then Alexander, Miller & Associates is able to settle them in favor of their clients.